Are you using the XCMG roller?  Have you ever encountered the phenomenon of overheating of mechanical parts?  If you are such a customer, you may wish to see how to deal with the heat of mechanical parts.  


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1, change the fan to independent type  

Fans of traditional models are mostly independent mechanical connections, that is, the fan is driven by the diesel engine crankshaft through the rubber belt wheel and belt, and the fan speed is synchronized with the crankshaft speed.  

2, the radiator to separate type  

The traditional radiator group (module) consists of water radiator, hydraulic oil radiator, torque converter oil radiator, oil radiator and so on, which is installed in front of the fan.  This installation type has the following disadvantages: multiple radiators are cooled by 1 typhoon fan, which can not be cooled according to their respective target cooling temperature;  A plurality of radiator series is together, make the flow resistance that cooling air passes each radiator increases, have effect of quantity of heat accumulation, narrowed the temperature difference between cooling liquid in cold air and radiator, reduced come loose heat effect.  

3. Improve the radiator material and arrangement  

In recent years, the radiator new material that develops at home and abroad has aluminium foam material, graphite foam material and aluminium alloy to wait for a few kinds, among them the graphite in the graphite foam material that the United States develops is spherical reticular structure, contact surface is very big, have extremely high heat diffuser rate, come loose coefficient is taller than traditional copper qualitative radiator.  

4. Use reversible fan  

Under normal working conditions, the fan is in positive rotation (suction);  When dust and other particles are stuck on the radiator, the fan can be controlled to reverse (blow), and dust and other particles will be blown off.