1. Drive the XCMG grader about 10 km before oil change, so that the hydraulic transmission system of the whole machine can be fully circulated and the transmission oil temperature can reach about 40℃ (in order to drain oil fully).Park the XCMG grader on a flat surface.
2. Put the gear selector in neutral and tighten the hand brake.If possible, the grader tires can be fixed with wedges to avoid accidents.
3. Loosen the rubber hose at the bottom of the gearbox (also known as the discharge pipe) to discharge oil at the bottom of the gearbox.At the same time to ensure the bottom of the gearbox hose and joint cleanliness, rainy days to prevent the infiltration of rain caused oil emulsion.
4. At the same time, open the rear screen of the engine housing and loosen the oil return pipe connecting the radiator and transmission.
5. Improve the height of the connecting rubber hose nozzle to facilitate the maximum discharge of old oil.
6. After discharging the old oil, install the rubber hose to fill the multi-stage filtered diesel oil (oil) from the refueling cup to the bottom of the transmission oil, and fill it in time to ensure that the specified amount is reached.
7. Start the graders at idle and let the hydraulic drive system circulate and drain the original system oil from the radiator return port until new oil appears at the radiator return port of XCMG accessories.