The main technological factor affecting the quality of the gusset rubber hose assembly is the process of gusset.At present, there are two main ways of clamping, one is the axial push-in type (Figure 4) can be achieved on the general press with a special mold.It is not easy to adjust the clamping amount and damage the outer surface of coat easily in the clamping process.To take out the fastener.The mould must be made into a pair.This creates a seam that makes the finished product look bad.The other is the radial impaction type (FIG. 5)
Its mold has folium, three, six and eight – petal mold.It is suitable for mass production of six-lobe and eight-lobe moulds. The basis to ensure the quality of the clamping is to correctly grasp the compression amount of the inner glue of the hose and the clamping amount of the jacket.Inspect according to production practice.It is easy to calculate the internal glue compression by empirical formula (see Figure 6 and Figure 7).
T-internal adhesive compression (or jacket clamping capacity, unilateral) mm, B-internal adhesive unilateral thickness, mm;(B can be measured directly or calculated according to the following formula)
D – Hose steel wire layer diameter, MMD – hose inner diameter, mm
N – Number of medium rubber layers (two steel wires, one medium rubber layer;Three layers of steel wire and two layers of intermediate glue)
T – Thickness of medium rubber layer, its value is 0.3mm
The expansion of e- connector core to the expansion of rubber tube inner hole is mm, e = (D2-D) / 2
D1 – Core diameter, MML
The clearance between f-connector sleeve and the outer diameter of rubber pipe steel wire layer, mm F = (D3-D2) / 2
D3 – Connector sleeve inner diameter, mm
X – Percentage of the compression amount of the inner rubber layer (40 ~ 50% for steel wire braided rubber tube, 42% for one layer of steel wire;Take 44% of the two-layer steel wire;Take 48% for three-layer steel wire;Take 55 ~ 65% steel wire wound pipe;Take about 20% cotton thread fiber braided tube.
For braided tubes without stripping the glue, B = (hose outer diameter – hose inner diameter) / 2.The outside diameter of the jacket after clamping is D = D-2t.